According to Dirtech,  Service is not a posture or a concept : It's a philosophy that consists of daily actions , which allows us to fully satisfy our customers!

Our commitments:

1 - High flexibility and service design :

- Technical and laboratory tests upstream . Validation of IR transmitters used ( wavelength , power, etc. ..) . Optimization of industrial processes ( infrared modules , report energy / efficiency, etc. ..) .

- We are able to design an IR transmitter adapted to your needs and your process with no notion of quantity, and are completely independent for manufacturing and prototyping.

- Interventions and downstream monitoring of your order ( trimmings, infrared modules adaptation).

2 - An industrial process tailored to the needs of our customers :

- Our delivery time is 2 weeks from receipt of order.

- Our MOQ (minimum order quantity ) is 10 pieces

  We reserve the possibility of producing less than 10 units delivered to you by express if you are in a hurry !