Fast medium Infrared

The wavelength of an infrared emitter has a major influence on the efficiency of transferred energy, following the material to be heated. The more the emitted wavelength fits absorption spectrum of the material to be heated, the more the heating process will be efficient.

Of course, another important parameter is the power density. When selecting an infrared emitter for an industrial process, wavelength and power are among the most important parameters.

For these reasons, DIRTECH offers the largest range of fast medium wave infrared lamps. The fast medium wave infraredemitters are the alternative between short wave emitters (with short wavelength emission and high power density 310W / cm maxi) and medium wave infrared emitter (with medium wavelength emission and lower power density 35 W /cm). The fast medium wave lamps of DIRTECH can reach around 75 W / cm.

Industrial process Industrial process

Below curves shows material absorption ratio against wave length emission of infrared emitters.



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