Our capital:  Expertise……

DIRTECH is a French  company, founded in 2009 by two former managers of TOSHIBA France: Benoît Didier and Olivier Demangeon. Both of them represent more than 50 years of Know How in Infrared emitters production.

From this time, DIRTECH took over Toshiba’s Infrared production activities and became its exclusive sub-contractor for short and medium Infrared emitters.

Whenever we produce special or standard infrared emitters, both are mainly used in various fields and industries, such as paper industry, thermoforming, electronics, paint drying, coiled coating, food warming and space heating.

Our expertise allowes us to produce and export not only in Europe, but also all over the world (in more than 30 countries).

…….and Excellence of more than 20 employees

Our strategy: Providing the highest level of services    

 We design fully customized  emitters. Manufacturing and prototyping processes are flexible enough to adapt to each customers requirements. And that in a very short time.